The firm represents insurance policy holders who have suffered a loss, made a claim, and have been wrongly denied coverage for their loss or have been underpaid. We fight to recover all amounts owed to you under the policy to the fullest extent possible. In some cases, you may even be entittled to additional damages if the denial is not only wrong, but made in bad faith by the company.

The firm handles all types of insurance claims.

Automobile Claims


  • Automobile theft claims
  • Automobile damage claims

Homeowner Claims

  • Homeowner theft and vandalism claims
  • Homeowner flooding and water damage claims


  • Homeowner fire claims


  • Hurricane damage claims


  • Sinkhole claims

 Commercial Claims

  • Commercial and condo building water damage and hurricane claims


  • Business interruption claims
  • Commercial building fire claims


  • Commercial warehouse and trucking theft claims


Boat Claims


  • Boat sinking and damage claims
  • Boat theft claims

Personal Claims


  • Disability claims
  • Health insurance claims
  • Life insurance claims

The reasons for the denial or underpayment of these claims are numerous and vary greatly. However, some of the more common reasons are alleged misrepresentations on the insurance application; fraud in the presentment of the claim; and, of course, no coverage under the policy due to an alleged exclusion. In some cases, and contrary to Florida law, the insurance company gives no reason at all for failing to pay, or pay more, and simply hopes you go away.

Whatever your situation, we can help!